The Warren Explained

The Warren is a mixed media community project I have been working on for several years now. It is a collaborative project between myself and artists all over the world, and from artists ranging in age from 7 to in their 70s.

I have designed a basic canvas that is in the shape of a bunny that I then 3D print in a variety of materials based on the artist I am working with preferences. I do provide a list of available materials and the artist is able to pick from that list. The bunnies are printed hollow so that they can be worked with both inside and out. It is the artist’s freedom to choose what they would like to do with their canvas. They could smash it into a million pieces and send it back to me as their contribution.

The reason I have been working on this project is to show people that everyone is an artist regardless of what anyone says. I am working to prove that there is no one type of art that is better than any other type of art. I worked with one artist who stated that they did not get the “artist gene” that their mother has and they just do crafting. The piece that they submitted shows that crafting takes just as much time, effort, creativity, and ambition as “high art”.

This is an ongoing project and I am always looking for more artists to work with.

Basic Process

  1. Artists can contact me and let me know they would like to be a part of the project
  2. Artists are provided a list of current materials available for the project to choose from. Artists can choose to do multiple submissions as well.
  3. I send the canvas to the artist at no cost to them.
  4. The artists then have approximately three (3) months to complete their submission and return it to me.
  5. Once the piece is received it will be in the next showing of The Warren.
  6. After the first showing the artists then have the option to have their piece returned to them, or they can choose to allow it to remain in the collection.

If at any time after the first show the artists decide that they would like to have their piece back that it perfectly acceptable. I have only had one artist ask for their piece back so far, but it is completely up to the artists. I do work to make sure every piece is shown in every show that The Warren goes into. This means that if the piece is left with the collection it will be shown when the collection is shown.

You can also see have other artists have created by visiting the Link below.

The Warren

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