Em McAllister is an interdisciplinary artist from Madison, WI who utilizes sculpture and digital practices including 3D printing to explore new processes in art creation. McAllister is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Studio Practice with a focus on Sculpture, and a certificate in Digital Fabrication and Design. During her time at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee she has also studied American Sign Language and plans to use that in her future business practices. McAllister was a recipient of Commencement Honors for maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or above during her attendance of University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

In the fall of 2017 McAllister started working with 3D printing as a way to take two-dimensional art and move it into three-dimensional space. She is currently working on an on-going collaborative project with artists worldwide. The project’s purpose is to build a rotating collection of sculptural pieces that have been created from 3D printed canvases that each collaborative artist is given to use to create new artwork. Select pieces of the collection have been on display at Vantage Point UWM Senior Thesis Exhibition in April of 2018 at Company Brewing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Peck School of the Arts 2018 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Fine Arts Spring Exhibition from May 3rd to the 19th in Milwaukee, WI.

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