How a 3D printer is like a Harley 

Have you ever noticed that Harley owners are constantly tinkering with their bikes? Well, for me owning a 3D printer is a similar experience. I am constantly doing one thing or another with the bloody thing. New bearings in the Y axis. Newly rebuilt print head. New bits and bobs to make it more sturdy or easier to use. New print bed, of which I need a new one again because the connector on the one I just installed burned out just like the old one. New filaments to try. New nozzles. New this. New that. New new new…

I’m not complaining. Every time I work on the machine I learn something new. At about 800+ hours of run time in four months I’m not surprised I’ve learned something. That time includes research time, test prints, tweaking this or that, and just generally use. I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to this one machine.

I’m at the point in my current project that I can see the end in site. I have two more bodies to print and then I’m done. Once I’ve finished I can run a complete overhaul on my machine. New bearings for the X axis, new Y carriage because the H carriage that’s on there now tends to warp when the slider bearing holders for the Y axis are tightened, loctite on all the screws because they like to lose after a time, and a full calibration and leveling, and some extra support brackets to help decrease the vibration more. It’ll take a couple days for all that, but it’ll be worth it.

Like I said, owning a 3D printer for me is like owning a Harley.

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