If it’s not one thing, it’s another…

So the past two weeks have been a bit challenging. I have been doing a lot of work on the rotational casting machine and getting forms prepped for casting. I have gotten a lot done, but I have also run into quite a few issues.

I got my forms printed and have been working on finding the best way to do the finishing on them so that they no longer show many of the ridges. On the advice of one of my classmates I tried to use some artist’s medium, because he said it would smooth things out and be sandable if needed. That proved to be false. the medium did nothing but gum up the sandpaper and look very poor. There went one form down the tubes.

See the hole I made…

Then I tried the sandable primer that was recommended to be by someone else. That seems to work ok, but you can’t really see what’s going on when you’re sanding so I accidentally sanded all the way through the shell of the form. I also sanded through another form because I had been focusing too much on one point, so that was my fault.

I have found that for the grey Light Dazzle filament I don’t need a filler, I just need a thicker shell. This is because I can see the color change in the plastic. The white Worksteel filament however needs some kind of filler, preferably the grey primer, so that I can see what I am doing when I am sanding.

I have had to do some reprinting on my forms because when I did repeat prints it didn’t fit the right way as it had before. All of this has added days to my process. To show for all my printing I have a rather large box full of bunnies and bunny bits.

When it comes to the rotational casting machine I have had a couple setbacks there too. When I was putting the corner pulleys on something didn’t fit right so I had to cut down part of the frame a small amount. Putting it back together made it a little wonky, and the corner pulleys still weren’t fitting right. I changed the corners they were on and that solved that problem, but there was then a problem with the two inside endcaps not fitting right. I redid the gcode and reprinted those and that solved that problem.

So where I am at now is I have made a test form for making a mold. It is currently sitting with silicone on it curing. After that I will create the plaster portion of the mold. If all goes well I will repeat the process for the large and medium forms as well.

With all of these things that have happened I am now about a week behind where I wanted to be. I think some of it has to do also with the amount of time lost due to the Thanksgiving break. But I am confident that I will have a minimum of one large form cast by the end of this weekend. It take about 16 hours for a new head to print, it is going as I type; it takes about three to four hours to prep the surface; it take about an hour to apply the mold silicone; it takes 24 hours for said silicone to cure; it takes about 12 hours to prep and set one half of the plaster mold, so for two it’ll take 24 hours. Looking at this it is going to take at least 4 days, because I will not be able to come into the lab at all hours of the day, for this to be accomplished. So I should be spinning a form by Friday. I hope to have, at the very least, four forms completed and ready for dissemination by Wednesday of next week.

That is my new time table. If all goes well.

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