A new week, but no problem

Since replacing my heating element for my hotend I noticed something interesting. Before, when it was having issues, my bed would make this huge jerk when it rounded to the front left of a print as well as make a lot of noise. It doesn’t do that anymore. I don’t know what changed in the bed that it stopped, but I’m glad it did. Maybe it was the fact that it was tired and happy to be shut down for a bit while I waited for a replacement part and time to work on it. I just needed a break because I had been working it so much. Either way I decided that at least one day a week it will have a break to cool down and chill.

I get that it isn’t a sentient being. I get that it doesn’t need a break. But for some reason that one day off gives it some time to cool down. Maybe I’m just projecting, but either way it’s been helping.

I’ve got all but a couple parts printed for the rotational casting machine done. Those will be finished today.

I also have to print one final, perfect to size and specs, form that I will use for casting. Those prints will take about 7 hours a piece because I slow the print process slightly and make the shell slightly thicker so that making the mould with it can’t put pressure on it and warp it.

I also need to get some smooth-on casting material. I’ve done some research, with the help of one of the metals professors here, and I’m pretty sure what I need to get.

My schedule was thrown off track by a few weeks by the heating element issue. I was going to have all these parts printed by the 18th, and that clearly didn’t happen. It just took me too long to figure out the issue, order the part, receive the part, and then install the part. I’m not going to rush to get back on track because that’ll create sloppy work. I am however going to  persevere and make sure – as best I can – that things will go seamlessly from here on out.

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