I needed a tissue for my issue

So I recently ran into a problem with my printer. It was either not getting up to temp, or it was getting up to temp, but once the print started it would drastically reduce temp in the middle forcing the filament to cool and flow as it should. The wires that lead to the heating element were also getting really hot to the touch. I wiggled the wires about a bit and figured out that it was something to do with the heating element or the thermistor for my hot end. I ordered a new one, which took forever and a day to come in.

I sat down today and opened the package. It was what I needed. I took the old bits out and disconnected the wires from the mouser at the end of the heating element and undid the tape that was holding the wires together near the hot end. They had gotten hot enough that they were slightly melted together. That’s not a good thing to have happen.


I reconnected the new heating element wires to the mouser and thought, “Wow. That was easy.” HA HA HA silly me. I looked at the end of the thermistor and saw that it was just bare wires with no connector. And the old part had its connector firmly attached to it. I looked around to find a new connector and realized it would be another week until I got one in the mail. Since there are no more Radio Shacks in Milwaukee, and the electronics store near me is closed due to construction I had to figure something out. I decided to give the old thermistor a go. Lucky me. It works just peachy.

I reinserted the thermistor and the heating element into the hot end, tightened everything down, and  plugged the machine in. I did a general preheat of the machine and then I started to smell something burning. I look at where the heating element connects to the hot end and there is a tiny whiff of smoke coming off it. CRAP!!! I unplug the machine and wait for a bit to let it cool. Turns out that the protective casing on the wire wasn’t cut down enough and was resting on the heating element. Luckily I was paying attention and didn’t start a fire in my apartment.

Now I have all of the wires trimmed, plugged in, orientated, and tightened down I am running a test print. Nothing seems to be on fire or even smoking. The temp is remaining constant. The filament is flowing appropriately. I think I am all fixed. I have about 24 pieces that I need to get printed for this rotational caster machine that was put on hold while I waited for parts to get here and dealt with some personal stuff.

I am charging ahead and will probably be printing 24/7 for the next couple days until I get them all done. Wish me luck and no more mishaps.

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