Failures and advances

So I have been trying a few things to get me a little further in my project. I attempted to use femo clay to smooth out the surface and the edges of the printed form. However, that was a terrible failure.

The clay would not adhere to the form. It keep peeling up and it wouldn’t even come close to smoothing out. Any touch of the finger would cause marks. I tried one paint on resin, but that ended up being too thick. I tried another resin and applied it to the head that was hanging upside down. The problem with that is that it was too liquidy and it dripped and made weird pooling points on the form. I have some primer/filler coming and I hope that will get me the results I want. I also switched back to the white filament, because that just prints the nicest.

I am at a int where I am starting to build a rotational casting machine. I found a decent plan for it here: Right now I am just working on printing the pieces for it.Here is a list of what needs to be printed:

QTY 2 – Rotational Pulley
QTY 2 – Stationary Pulley
QTY 4 – Corner Pulley
QTY 2 – End Cap
QTY 2 – Short End Cap
QTY 4 – Bushing
QTY 9-16 – Spacer

The nice thing about the build page is that it included everything that will be needed. It only gives basic assembly instructions though. I think I can muddle through.

After those two parts, and getting the form primed well I will be ready to make a mould and start casting.

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