I’m getting closer

There have been a few hitches in the giddy-up this week. My extruder clogged twice. Once was due to the fact that the roll popped off the holder, so that was my fault. I did kind of get the back filament from Hatchbox to work. It was all about the temperature that I was running at. Most of my other colors do the best at 210-220 degrees. The black however needs to run at about 190 degrees. Everything else was too hot.

I feel a little like I am forever editing this darned bunny form to get it perfect at the size I want it to be. I would like the head to be about 4-4.5″ in diameter. That means that the bunny, ears included, it going to be about 10″ tall. Thats a big bunny. I am glad that I set it up so that the head is detachable. It is going to make it easier when making the mould and casting. Plus, when the head rotates it is going to have the ability to change the body language. That’s a bit of an exciting concept for me. I am close to the point where I have a perfect print. I am contemplating finishing with some femo clay, maybe some that is air dry, so that it will not only hide the print lines, but it will soften the edges that I want softened, without damaging the printed piece.

I have also been working on making these blue tokens for a friend. They are about 2″x1″x.125″. They are kinda logos from a game called Shadowrun. I think it is some kind of tabletop RPG. There is something about the design I found on thingiverse that didn’t really print out right. I ended up completely reworking the design. It still prints a little funny, but I think it will work. I just have to figure out how to finish it so that they look nice. I am not exactly sure how to do this though. Maybe a little wax paper and an iron to give it a nice glossy look like the rest of the piece.

It doesn’t sound like this week has been as busy as others have been for me, but I have been working a lot. I put another 84 hours on my printer. The poor thing runs almost constantly. I gave it a break on Saturday. I worry slightly about overworking it. My tiny army of disgruntled bunny filament testers is growing. I keep trying to get the settings for each different filament perfect, and written down. so that there is less guess work going on whenever I work in a different color. I have plans to still work with the aluminum and the wood filaments. I just don’t want to waste it. I also want to get my bunnies to where I want them to be within the next week so that I can start casting.

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