New semester, new projects

So a new semester has begun and I am in my final year. Yay for that. I have a plan for my final year. I am working on designing and creating a kind of toy line. Something that runs along the same vine as Munny, Dunny, or Qee toys. Two semesters ago I work to create these different bunny designs and now I am designing my toys based on them. My plan with these 3d printed bunnies is to cast them into different materials like vinyl, acrylic resin, and maybe even a metal like pewter. Once I have some of the vinyl ones cast I am going to give them out to some of my friends to paint, draw, or modify to their hearts desire. The goal of this is to create a kind of collaborative art end product. I make the base and others, or myself, make them their own art creations.


My first step was to acquire a kit to build a 3D printer. The one I decided on was the Orion Motor Tech Transparent Desktop 3D Printer with All Metal MK8 Extruder Dual Air Vents. (

I started the build for it on last Tuesday. The first hour of which was getting all of the protecting film off of the acrylic frame pieces.

Then I moved to piecing it together. The funniest part is the instructions. They are not exactly the most helpful. They really are laughable.

When I first saw the instructions I literally said “what the hell?!?!?” to myself. It turned the process into basically a puzzle where you only get the final image. I spent most of my Saturday getting it finished. Part of my process included taking apart what I had done to fix it to where is should be, because I didn’t realize I had made a mistake until further into the process. The only non-fixable mistake that I made was that I cut the motor belt too short for the x-axis. Now I am going to go to Milwaukee Science and Surplus tomorrow to see if I can get a new belt there. Besides that set back I was able to get the whole thing put together. And there were only a few leftover pieces. WOOT!

The final product looks pretty good.

It even came with the pieces to make a filament roll holder. I did get some nice white filament. And I got some wood and aluminum filament on the way. I figured I should try some different materials while I test things out.


I have also been working on getting some 3d designs of my bunnies done. I have two that I am pretty happy with. I know that I am going to have to do a good amount of clean up on them, but I am ok with that.

I had the most trouble with the seated bunny. He just did not want to work with me. It took a lot of tweaking to get to it to where I was reasonably happy with the design.


All in all I am ahead of my schedule that I made for myself. I wasn’t planning on having the printer built until Wednesday the 20th. And I wasn’t going to have any of the bunnies finished until the 27th. That puts me at about a week and a half ahead of my plan. That means I am going to be spending the next week or two doing as many test prints as I can so that I can really get to know my new machine. Go me.


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