Laser Cutter Update 11-20-16

So I have done a few modifications to my color palette for the outside enclosure. I went to Home Depot to pick up some white MDF. However I ran into a bit of an issue. They only had two sheets and both had some serious damage to them. Well crap. So I as I am standing there contemplating what I could do, such as try to work around the damage, I saw the black chalkboard MDF. I figured that it would work. Plus I can totally design something to go on the sides that’ll go with my designs. I got a little excited about this.

Now last weekend I went to D.C. so I lost a weekend and found myself a little behind where I wanted to be by now. It was my choice to go and now I am working on playing catch up so that I will be all set up and ready to go come the 14th of Dec.

Here is what I have been up to this week (and last week too):

  1. I got all my materials. I am only waiting on the aluminum beam I ordered and the fins so that I can make a heatsink and holder for the diode.
  2. I cut all of my wooden pieces for the interior structure. However I noticed I missed one 1.5×1.5×7 wooden beam.
  3. I set up a “To Do” list of what I still need to accomplish.
  4. I sanded down the 8 inch wood beams so that they were all the same length.
  5. I changed up the outer encasement. I think I need to do a small amount of sanding on two pieces of the encasement though. More for aesthetics than anything.
  6. I got a general prototyping of the wiring set up.
  7. I am farming out my 3D printing a little due to lack of access to the one in the classroom. Too many other people are printing big projects.
  8. I did some minor adjustments to the layout of my printer to increase access and efficiency.
  9. I updated the cost list (

Things I need to do:

  1. Cut my 5/16th rods to the appropriate length.
  2. Cut one more 1.5×1.5×7 wooden beam.
  3. Drill holes in the 1.5×1.5×8 wooden beams for the rods to fit into.
  4. Assemble the interior.
  5. Assemble the exterior.
  6. Get the 3D printed pieces back.
  7. Finish setting up the prototyping wiring.
  8. Get coding set up.
    • test coding with prototyped wiring.
  9. Finish prepping files for etching.
  10. Cut one inch off of the aluminum beam
    • drill 5/16th inch hole in the center of the square
    • attach heatsink fins

I am sure there is more, but that’s really all I am able to think of right now.

The starting of the wiring attempts
The starting of the wiring attempts
The cut out pieces for the interior and exterior framework
The cut out pieces for the interior and exterior framework
My bill of materials
My bill of materials

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