In Progress…

There comes a point in almost everyone’s career where one gets a little lost. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a midlife crises, but I was feeling some kind of aimlessness. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the knowledge I have been gathering since I have been in school. I felt like I didn’t really have any real work to show for my efforts. I was not happy with where I was and the lack of direction I was going in.

I think I have figured it out. And I am going to be able to use some of the technological knowledge I am accruing to my advantage. First of all is this laser etcher, because it won’t be powerful enough to actually cut anything, I am making. It is the beginning of a studio space. It will be something I will be able to use in my everyday practice.

So that’s where my brain is at. I have a motivation point. And I feel that this is very important for me. I have something I can throw myself into. It’s a real starting point and a slight change in mentality for me. Especially because the lost feeling was truly pulling me down. Now, I feel like a bit of the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It’s the little things in life that really make a difference.

On that note I am going to talk about my short term plan. Bunnies… Bunnies to the point my friends may become tired of hearing/seeing them for a little while.

Things I am going to collect for my project:

  1. 12″x12″x1/8″ sheets of white acrylic (inventables sells some that are white with a black backing so I may not need the printmaking ink.)
  2. black printmaking ink
  3. very very thin transparent acrylic sheets in colors such as red, green, orange, yellow, and blue.
  4. diode that is 200mW or more and is glass. (higher will be better because then it will be able to cut through more than just a dark piece of paper. Although the dark paper may be necessary to absorb some of the laser and not reflect it. I will also need to consult someone about picking one out.)
  5. 2x ULN2003 Electronic Connection
  6. 1x Prototyping board (RadioShack)
  7. 2x 3/8″ Aluminum Rod Home Depot
  8. 1x 3/8″ Aluminum Tube Home Depot
  9. 10x Brass Brackets Home Depot
  10. 1x 2″ cube of wood Home Depot
  11. More patience than I probably have

I am a little hesitant about my ability to do this, but I am going to be putting forth my best effort for it. Wish me luck because I worry that this project will end up costing more than I expected previously.

And look, bunnies…

Some are original concepts, others are remediated from other sources. I am working on digitization of the images now. In doing that I will decide on eight that I am going to use for the final project. The final eight will be 12″x12″ and framed in a shadow box. I may or may not choose to put a light behind them, I haven’t gotten that far in the plan to know if it is feasible.

14519660_10154395671510236_1127109073513073409_n 14519947_10154395685085236_259344884358299644_n 14484780_10154395704280236_3959189884285153023_n 14517410_10154392935970236_1911073126926906514_n 14494842_10154394181605236_3228231723533864132_n 14470437_10154392936070236_3753875614856820031_n 14470636_10154392936045236_1928004826069776848_n14563333_10154400443030236_5457946042685454829_n

14519931_10154392935930236_686779466537263300_n                     14556750_10154397592855236_5040547565264271615_o

14484951_10154392936005236_1530308180907954749_n                          14608804_10154398738885236_5961100433315438839_o

14581537_10154400443110236_636622290771173536_n 14642147_10154409217090236_6834514820891500604_n 14650196_10154409217020236_1545122084824670703_n 14650597_10154409217120236_6599852557519357365_n 14713640_10154409217065236_1758524429154867788_n

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