DIY Laser Cutters

So there are a lot of people using laser cutters in their everyday practices. Which means that there are also a lot of people working on making their own cutters. I am devising a laser cutter for myself that will use the parts from old scanners and an arduino. Hopefully it works as I am not really the best at coding, but I am also looking at ways to make it visually appealing and not so utilitarian. I would also like to remain within a specific budget, because I am not financially able to afford expensive stuffs. I have a feeling that the most expensive part of this endeavour is going to be the acquisition of the laser itself. Higher wattage generally means higher price. Lower wattage means that it won’t be able to cut through the material I want to be able to cut through. I am not sure how it is really going to turn out right now. I will know more as I work on the build.

I chose a laser cutter because I love using one. I find the ability to cut through acrylic with a decent amount of precision incredibly helpful. I like what I am able to make with such a devise. And I would like to be able to use a laser cutter in my own practices. I don’t want to just be able to cut through paper or vinyl, although that would be useful. I would like to be able to cut through at least a 1/8th thick sheet of acrylic eventually. I having a feeling that just cutting paper and/or vinyl will be a good start though.

Below are some sites that I found that have interesting ideas and some very helpful tips. The biggest problem I have come up with is that not many people are building their own laser cutters. So this will be interesting.


UNDER $50!!! Heck yeah!!!:

Because Wikipedia is our friend (sometimes):

Good advice in comments:

Someone’s HIGH SCHOOL project. Man I feel old:

Laser cutting table advice:

Multiple links with info on one page:



So as I said before, not many people are building their own machines because the cost is still rather high. Most of the machines being built are just engravers or paper cutters. I think I am going to have to start there and slowly build what I ultimately want to have which is something far more high powered. I am excited though to build something. And everyone has to start somewhere.


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