MY mom with my signs.


So my mother and I made the trek out to Iowa County today to see if my signs were still intact, or even there.

As we crested that final hill we both looked for what fate had in store. As we moved closer we didn’t see anything and thought surely someone had removed them. But low and behold there they stood, where I had left them, and completely unscathed. I had won the bet. I could already taste the sweet taste of that victory coke.

As we pulled into the easement we noticed new tire tracks and the dead cat that had perished in the middle of the drive had moved. Clearly people had been past. I exited the car and walked to the end of the row and stepped close to the last sign. Nothing… Not a scratch had been added to the sign. It was as pristine as the day as the day I had sat on it to wedge it into the rocky soil that lined the main road. I took hold and pulled, slowly easing it from the dirty grasp of the earth. Once firmly in my clutches I moved to the next sign to inspect it. Still nothing. I inspected, and collected all the signs down the row; all were unmarred. I will admit that I am slightly disappointed in the lack of tampering. I thought that someone would have done something to them. But alas, no.

We loaded the signs in my car, breathed a sign of relief, and long dead cat, and quickly departed to make our way back to the city. (The cat smell stuck with us for a long while after we made our escape.)

So now the signs currently sit in my car awaiting their fate. How to display them for Art and Tech Night is still unsure, but I’ll figure it out. I am going to print a large photo of the signs in the displayed state out in the country so that I may hang it near the work at ATN.

My mother and I will always have this experience, and the smell of the rotting kitty corpse, as something we can look back on fondly. Well… for the most part.

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