Final thoughts on my semester

I don’t have much of a design specific background. But I work with what I have. Sometimes more critical feedback is helpful. I know I may not like it at the time, but it ultimately helps me in the long run. It gives me something to think about. It makes me be a better artist, because it tells me more about what people are looking for in something. It also allows me to create more solid plans and create something that is more worthwhile.

I sometimes have a hard time thinking of what I am wanting to make. I spend a lot of time brainstorming, and I need to become better at documenting my ideas. Most of the time they are little notes or sketches that one make sense to me. I like this process though. It helps me figure out my plan. I don’t always write such a plan down however. I get my idea and I go with it. I know a lot of artist spend most of their time sketching out their ideas. They have sketchbooks full of their ideas. For some reason though this process does not appeal to, or really work for me. I have been trying to make it work for me, but I run into difficulties. My own head gets in the way and I almost immediately reject somethings right out the gate.

I understand that lots of people have those negative thoughts. I look at other people’s work and compare what I put out to what others put out and I tend to find mine lacking. But then I can look at other people’s work and wonder what others find so fascinating about it. I guess there has to come a point when what you do makes you happy, and then leave other people’s work as an afterthought. Think about what was successful about their work and maybe incorporate successful part into your own practice.

So as this semester comes to a close and I piece my final documentation for the semester together I look at how I was successful and how I wasn’t. And I try to use feedback I have gotten, and heard other receive, to the betterment of my own practice.

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