It all started with a concept: “Using a series of roadside signs to relay a message that involves subversion and parody.”

I created signs similar to those used by Burma Shave. I wanted to ultimately have a kind of protest art. I think this is accomplishing this.

I placed the signs in Iowa County, WI. As I went to place the signs I saw several large boards that stated that the owners of the properties were supported of Trump. This is one of the best places to put these signs.

Part of my piece to put the signs up and leave them for exactly one week and to return to see what/if anything happens to them. My mother, as well as a few other people, have stated that there is a high likelihood that the signs will not be there when I retrieve them. Because of this my mother and I have made a bet that if the signs are completely missing I will buy her a Coca Cola. If the signs are there, or at least in the general vicinity, regardless of their state, I will have won that bet. I guess ultimately this is a piece of art and a social experiment all in one.

Below is some pictures and a link to one of the boards going through the CNC router.


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