A Flat pack place to rest – research pt 1

We are attempting to create a place to rest. Not a necessarily a chair, but something.


  • Uses existing typography
  • Lightweight materials
  • Flat pack transportation
  • easy to assemble
  • strong sturdy connections

Location possibilities

  • On a beach (maybe a rocky one)
  • In the woods
  • In an urban environment
  • A front porch
  • A backyard

Where we are going to put it will greatly impact the design of the object itself.

Target Audience

  • Homeless
  • Hipster
  • Person
  • Camper
  • Average home relaxer (My mom works for this because she has some specific needs because of her bad knees)

Other things to consider

  • Comfort (can larger people use it?)
  • Sturdy
  • How long is it intended to be used?
  • Will it sink into soft ground?
  • Once it goes up is it a permanent structure, or should it be able to be folded up for storage?
  • Is it affordable to make/maintain?
  • Can one person set it up?
  • What climates can it be used in?
  • Does it only need to do one thing, or can it have multiple functions?



Some ideas for what other people have created.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some preliminary sketches of ideas.

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