Ring Reflection

As I sat and watched the other presenter talk about their projects it was thinking about what I could do to improve our groups design. I thought about different materials that could be used. I thought about how to adapt the design so that it could be made for multiple people. And I thought about other general changes that could be made to make the design better. However, my group has met without me over break and made changes so I am not sure what has been done. I will admit that I am a little salty about this, but there is nothing that can be done to change that now. I can only talk about my thoughts and what we presented.

I think that the design that we had for the presentation was a good design. I think that doing something to it to make it more flashy would be good. And to have something other than rubber o-rings for ring bands would be the best. One of my group members said they were working on that.

My main part in this project was creating the main design and working on the mechanics of it. I did the original drawings for this design and worked with one of my group members to refine the design more.

It started off as more of a  curved design, but with some conversation and flattening of the pieces the design formed into it’s more finalized product. Like I said though, my team members changed the design over break and informed me that they had done it after the fact so I have no idea what it looks like now.

Some of the notes that I took while others were presenting.

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