Obstruction 6

We were tasked with making something that was the opposite, to some degree, of what we made for our last obstruction. We made a list of single words to describe the last project and then wrote what we thought were the opposite of those words.


  • self-portrait :: group-portrait
  • social evaluation :: self-evaluation
  • XX       Abstract :: representational


  • XX      wax, :: stone (plaster)
  • string, :: wood
  • crayon :: sharpie


  • acquire :: don’t
  • peel :: wrap
  • grouped :: random
  • XX      tie :: loose
  • melt :: freeze
  • X       display :: hide


  • XX      Analog :: digital
  • black/white/purple, :: monochrome
  • XX      melted :: unaltered

Viewing context

  • XX in person (on a table/stand) :: through photographs


The list items with the ‘XX’ are the ones I am using for this obstruction.


Below are notes that I took while I thought about my project.


random rocks and stick placed randomly on the floor.

Concept —  Feet walking, place them down the path, or somewhere near the path. Perhaps on the ledge by the door, or going down the stairs by the door.

Materials — Stone (plaster)

Process — Choosing and organizing the stones (plaster pieces)

Form+Aesthetic = Variability — Different stone of different colors

Context — outside, near the door, amongst other stones, in water, etc…

Numerical representation – 1 large stone, 5 smaller stones. (5 fingers)

Modularity – different stones

Automation – the gif/stop motion, or time lapse will be the automation process

Variability – different stones, and the feet will change slightly as they move down the steps

Transcoding – the digital form of it will be the analog stones being moved and turned into a moving image



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