We were given the task of designing a ring for a gentleman who has had bad burns on the back of his hand from an accident. the skin on the top of his hands is very thin and very sensitive to specific materials.

I am working with Trina to figure out a design that will hold his finger straight, is low profile so that he can place his hand in his pocket, and still can bend his finger when he chooses.

We talked and I sketched up some ideas.


We were talking about glasses and how they are kept straight and allow them to bend out, but snap back, due to the help of an extension spring. We also talked about what material and what the design of the ring would look like. We like the idea of the spring being on the bottom of the finger, versus the top of the finger to keep the friction on top of the finger down. I also am looking at how to create a slightly elastic band for the ring portion that fits over the finger, and then lining it in something like mole skin to help with the problem of friction and irritation to the skin on the top of his hand.


We were using an actual finger to look at the general placement of where we would want to place the join of the device. We think that the ring will have to be thicker than this on the underside of the finger because it will need to off the most amount of support to the finger.

Right now we are getting materials together so that we can test the springs and find one that has the correct amount of torsion to give us the amount of support and resistance that we are looking for.

Ultimately we want something that is somewhat modular.  We want to be able to switch out the elastic bands that will go over the finger so that the device can fit on different finger sizes. And we want to make it so that the compression springs can be switched out as well based on how much give the device will need to have for each individual instance. It will end up making the product useful for a wider variety of people and issues.

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