Notes 1


Reasons for my designs…?

What sense(s) do I want to alter with my design?

Do I want a conversation piece or a practical piece?

What am I trying to control?

Preliminary idea

I am trying to make something that is a bit of a conversation piece. Because of this I am going to go with a plague doctor mask design. I like it because it forces the wearer to step further back from whoever they are communicating with. It changes the depth of their personal space, so physical closeness to another person would have to altered.

It also changes how they communicate because the other person wouldn’t be able to see the wearer’s facial expressions. The wearer would also have to change the volume at which they talk or risk not being heard and understood. The other person would also have to depend more than normal on body language to really understand what the wearing is trying to communicate.

Ultimately the things that would be affected on the wearer is their ability to see well, their sense of smell, and their ability to speak normally.

I was originally think of doing some kind of face mask the fit close to the face. But as I thought about the idea more I decided I wanted something that stood out more; something that was far more noticeable.

Original Sketches

Plan going forward?

I’m going to spend my weekend piecing together a prototype of my piece. I will probably do it in a felt (that I already have), because it has a similar weight to it as the leather I purchased.

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