I am working on a project for my Intermediate DSP class that falls under the theme of modularity. The sculptural piece that I am putting together has to speak entirely for itself; no words can be used. The viewer has to be able to interpret what the piece means based purely on the work itself.

I am using the epitaph “She gave the gift of happiness” as the central theme/meaning for my piece. I have acquired a gift box and I am working to fill it with things that make me happy.

Things that make me happy:

  • chocolate (fancy chocolate from a shop in Madison)
  • flowers (a small bouquet of artificial flowers from a craft store)
  • miniature things (tiny scented markers with little monster faces on them)
  • cute animals/pets (a representation of my dog, maybe his collar)
  • guys (a ken doll)
  • alcohol (a small bottle of flavored vodka)
  • sex (a dildo)
  • new shoes
  • jewelry (a bag with a necklace in it)
  • music (a mixed tape or CD)
  • movies (a DVD)
  • games (deck of cards)
  • friends/friends (photographs)
  • cell phone
  • rain (cocktail umbrella)
  • handwritten letters
  • perfume
  • scented candles

I am hoping that people will get what I am going for. I think I may write on the box, or somehow affix, my name and a birth and death year. It might make it more clear that it is about giving something to someone after the original owner has past. That might be too confusing though. I guess I need for my box to look more like a gift, and not just a box of momentos.

I need all the individual pieces to come together and make a whole. And within the whole the meaning should then be clear.


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